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How to Buy KRRX

How to Buy KRRX

To take full advantage of the Kyrrex Exchange, you need to have some KRRX. Having KRRX enables you to pay less for trades and earn more on your savings and currency locks.

1. Buy KRRX with Swap

buy krrx with swap

Here is how to buy KRRX through Swap on Kyrrex:

  1. Log into your Kyrrex account.
  2. Click Buy KRRX in the center of your dashboard.
  3. The Swap terminal will open.
  4. Enter the desired amount of USDT or another currency you wish to exchange for KRRX
  5. Click Exchange to complete the transaction.

2. Buy Kyrrex on the Open Market

buy krrx open market
  1. Log into your Kyrrex account.
  2. Select Trade from the menu sidebar on the left.
  3. Select the KRRX/USDT pair and make your purchase.