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How to Deposit

How to Deposit

You can fund your Kyrrex account by depositing cryptoassets from your external wallet or a third-party exchange.

Deposits are made to a deposit address on the platform. To find your deposit address, log into your account, navigate to your wallet, click the Deposit button beside the cryptocurrency, select the correct chain, then copy the address and use it to transfer the cryptocurrency.

  1. From your account, navigate to Wallet. 
  2. Click Deposit under the cryptocurrency you'd like to deposit to your Kyrrex account. 
  3. If the option is available, choose the deposit network. Make sure it matches the network of the platform you're depositing from.
  4. If you choose the wrong network, you may lose your funds.
  5. Copy the deposit address and paste it into the address box on the platform you're depositing from.
  6. Once you confirm the transaction, wait for the funds to arrive in your Kyrrex account.

The transfer processing time depends on the blockchain and the current network traffic at the time of transaction. Different blockchains have different confirmation times. Just wait patiently for your funds to arrive in your account.