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How to use KRRX

How to use KRRX

Kyrrex’s native token has several applications on the exchange.

Trading KRRX

KRRX is a cryptocurrency in its own right and a speculative instrument. Users can hold KRRX and make trades and swaps of the token based on their individual trading strategy.

Trading Fees

KRRX as the utility token of the Kyrrex ecosystem can be used to lower transaction fees on the platform. A user who pays their trading fees in KRRX will pay lower per transaction than the user that pays in the transaction currency.

Up to 5% fee reduction can make a big difference at very high volumes. To enjoy this discount, always enable the option to pay for trading fees with available KRRX in your wallet.

You can further increase your trading gains by staking KRRX. For more information, refer to the Staking table on Kyrrex Earn


Earn is our flagship savings program where users can deposit their currency for various time durations and earn interest. You can use your KRRX holdings in Earn and increase your portfolio.

You can choose a contract period of 360, 180, 90 or 30 days at high APY rates. Lock a minimum of 10 KRRX in an Earn contract and instantly start accruing interest.

Referral Rebates

The KRRX token can also be used to earn profits from the transaction fees paid by users you refer to the Kyrrex platform. The more KRRX you hold and stake, the more the referral rebates you earn.

  1. Log into your Kyrrex account and select Referral on the navigation panel.
  2. Copy your unique referral link. This link is exclusive to your account and isn't replicable by another user.
  3. Share the link with friends and on your socials. Get people to register on Kyrrex using your referral link.
  4. Anytime your referrals make a trade, you earn a percentage of their trade commission. The more your active referrals, the bigger your rebate.

You can increase your rebates even more by staking KRRX.