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How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency on Kyrrex

How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency on Kyrrex

You can withdraw crypto from your Kyrrex account to an external wallet or a third-party exchange.

Withdrawals are made to a withdrawal address which you will provide. The address you provide must match the address and network on the platform or wallet you're withdrawing to.

Withdrawals made to the wrong address or network will result in permanent loss of your funds. Make sure you crosscheck the information provided before you click the Confirmation button.

  1. From your account, navigate to Wallet. 
  2. Click Withdrawal under the cryptocurrency you'd like to withdraw from your Kyrrex account. 
  3. Paste the withdrawal address in the field provided. 

Note: Ensure your withdrawal address matches the default withdrawal network on Kyrrex. For example, if you're withdrawing USDT, you must provide an address on the selected network (ERC20, TRC20 etc.).

  1. Enter the amount of the token you wish to withdraw. You can use the suggested percentages to quickly choose a proportion of the total available tokens. 
  2. Before you proceed, note the transaction fee and AML fee (if applicable).
  3. Crosscheck everything and then click Submit to confirm your withdrawal.